Thank Todd Young


Todd Young is no ordinary elected official—Young has served America at the U.S. Naval Academy and as a Marine Corps captain. He went to school in London to earn a Masters degree and became a trusted advisory to Margaret Thatcher. He is a true statesman.

Young moved home to Indiana to work and teach, going to school at night to earn a law degree. He ran for Congress and won, representing Hoosiers proudly. His record includes:

  • Todd Young has a nearly perfect voting record from the Free Enterprise Alliance
  • Todd Young fought to repeal Obamacare and led the fight against the law’s elements that most harmed employment and the individual mandate
  • Todd Young voted against special interests who want to deny workers information from all sides during union elections
  • Todd Young served on the House Budget Committee and Armed Services Committee, where he focused on military grand strategy

We hope you will join the Free Enterprise Alliance in thanking Todd Young for his service and leadership in advocating policies that will keep America growing: 

Call Todd Young now! Say thanks for voting for Limited Government. (202) 224-3121

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