The Modern Statesmen project is dedicated to recognizing true leadership at America’s crucial hour. There’s no shortage of politicians who will tell voters whatever they want to hear, but there are a select few elected officials who put country first and think about the long-term consequences of the tough choices they are sometimes forced to make.

How do we recognize modern statesmen (and women)? They:

  • Boldly put real Americans first
  • Vote for laws that support merit and self-determination over special interests
  • Support small business and free enterprise
  • Aren’t afraid to stand up to leaders of both parties when right is right

The Modern Statesmen project has been launched by the ABC Free Enterprise Alliance, the the action arm for small businesses, entrepreneurs and other advocates of limited government, open and fair (and intense) competition, and the economically sound principles upon which America was built.

At the heart of the Free Enterprise Alliance’s mission is the belief that while we need government for common sense regulations, the scales have tipped too far in favor of government intrusion and its advocates. The Free Enterprise Alliance believes small business and entrepreneurs—not union bosses and federal bureaucrats—grow jobs and our economy.